iCandy Fudge is made in the traditional way in copper boiling pans to an original recipe using the finest ingredients. The unique mix of full cream condensed milk, pure dairy butter and cooking process produces the smoothest, creamiest fudge you will ever taste, a melt in the mouth sensation. 

At iCandy we love to travel, spreading the Fudge joy up and down the country at Country Shows, Food Festivals and a wide variety of events and exhibitions across the UK, serving up our delicious range of flavours to an ever increasing Fudge Fan base. You can get regular updates of all our events and giveaway competitions by liking our Facebook page : icandyfudge, its the perfect way to see where we will be in the country so you can come and see us in action. But we know our fudge is too good to resist, so you can buy online for delivery to your door, ideal as gifts for all occasions too. 

A great way to add a new dimension to desserts; refrigerate the fudge for an hour and grate over desserts, watch it melt into hot puddings for a decadent taste, also a superb topping on hot chocolate drinks.  

Did you know that liking sweet food is beneficial for survival, which is why we experience feelings of euphoria whilst eating fudge.

Its Fudgetastic !!

 fudge packets.png

 iCandy fudge is suitable for Vegetarians, sold in approx 210g blocks. May contain traces of nuts.

All the fudge flavours except for Rocky Road, Smarties and Oreo Flavours are Wheat & Gluten Free. 

Orders are normally posted within 48 hours by Royal Mail 2nd class. Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery.